Hillcrest Farm

At Hillcrest Farm of PEI we raise award-winning Angus Beef Cattle and English Shire Draft Horses. Over the years, we have exhibited our animals at livestock shows in the Maritimes and occasionally in Ontario and the United States.

Family owned and operated, our 137 acre farm is located in the rolling hills of Bonshaw, in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Angus Cattle

Starting in 2000 we gradually converted from raising/selling commercial cattle (feeders) to enter the purebred seed stock arena. We have (and with no plans to ever get any larger) approximately 25 brood cows. All of our stock are registered and purebred Angus. Each year we may cull an older cow or two and replace it with a selected heifer from one of the top herds in Canada or a home-raised replacement.

Over the last few years we’ve used artificial insemination (“AI”) to one-time breed 10 – 14 cows each year. Any cows that calve in January plus a couple of heifers get synchronized, and we use timed AI to breed these cows during the last couple of days in March to top Canadian or U.S. bulls. Currently our herd sire is Soo Line Blackman 844S. This bull is the first natural calf from the famous $100,000 Soo Line Annie K 6271 that sold to U.S. interests in 2009.

About us

We purchased our run-down farm in 1986, and have been working ever since to get it to the state it is today. We are part-time farmers, but run the farm ourselves with no hired hands so our stock does not get a lot of TLC – that’s why we decided on Angus cattle.

In 1988 we purchased a few head of Angus cattle locally and imported three Shire fillies from England.

In 2009, we began building Hillcrest Farm Disc Golf course. This private course is championship quality and has been host to local and professional disc golf tournaments. It was designed by well-known course designer John Houck of Austin Texas

Shire Horses

In 1997 we imported our current Shire stallion, Acle Giggelo, from England. We usually keep 3 – 4 Shire brood mares and raise 1 – 3 foals per year depending on market demand. Currently, our brood mare band are all related to Acle Giggelo so we are forced to use transported semen or frozen semen. Often our good show quality horses are sent to Stephen and Sherry Lewis (Terragold) in Cannington, Ontario where they break them, train them and show-market them in Canada and the USA.

Herd Stallion


Born 1996

  • Dothan Mastermind

Sire: Bodernog Master

  • Bodernog Sunbeam
  • Hillmoor Mascot

Dam: Acle Prima Donna

  • Acle Jewel

Only shown once in Canada – Champion Shire Stallion at the CNE in 1997

Brood Mares


Born 1993

  • Hainton Jim

Sire: Admergill Prince

  • Admergill Beauty
  • Royston Enterprise

Dam: Royston Amy

  • Royston Cilla


Born 2002

  • Bodernog Master

Sire: Acle Giggelo

  • Acle Prima Donna
  • Royston Enterprise

Dam: Royston Amy

  • Royston Cilla

Horses for Sale


Born 2004

  • Bodernog Master

Sire: Admergill Prince

  • Admergill Beauty
  • Royston Enterprise

Dam: Royston Amy

  • Royston Cilla


Born 2004

  • Bodernog Master

Sire: Acle Giggelo

  • Acle Prima Donna
  • Hillcrest Samson

Dam: Hillcrest Beauty

  • Royston Amy

Sold in Recent Years


Contact Us

Dr. Bill and Mary Best and Family
Phone/Fax: (902) 368-2042
Email: best@islandtelecom.com

Mailing Address

22 Gates Drive
Charlottetown, PE
C1E 1R7

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