We have a number of ‘house’ rules to remember when you are on our property, please read below and then sign the waiver before playing:

Hillcrest Farm Disc Golf Course Waiver

We assume no liability. You enter Hillcrest Farm property at your own risk. That includes the disc golf course. The ground is uneven and there are many sharp sticks and branches. We do not accept any responsibility for injuries sustained on the course or on any part of the farm property including the clubhouse. Please wear appropriate protective gear and exercise caution.

Absolutely NO smoking anywhere on the disc golf course. The risk of fire hazard is simply too great. If you have to smoke, you may do this on the deck at the Dragonfly Clubhouse. Please make sure all butts are properly put out before leaving the premises.

You are responsible for your dog while it is on Hillcrest Farm property including the disc golf course. It must be under your control at all times, and within your eyesight. Please make sure it is not a threat to other players or other animals, both domestic and wild. Don’t forget to pick up after it (you know what we mean!)

Please take a moment to read and sign our waiver form before contacting us to visit the course. It is your responsibility to make sure we have this form on file for you, before you enter the course.

For the rules of the game itself, check out the Professional Disc Golf Association official rules